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“As we continue in our process of purification, we are also freeing ourselves from our fantasies about relationships. We let go of the idea of finding a soul mate or the perfect person that was made especially for us. Gradually, we understand that relationship is about the integration between two complimentary parts that exist within us. This is the deeper meaning of the word love – an internal alchemical fusion. In order for this merging with the other to happen, we need to truly be ready. Often, we think we love, but in reality, we are obstinately trying to make the other an object to fulfill our whims and expectations. This is not love, it’s selfishness.”
– Sri Prem Baba –


Anywhere that you feel yourself being pulled isn’t to distract you from your purpose, but instead to help bring you closer to it.

That’s the thing—when we fall in love with someone’s soul, there is just no coming back.

When we see into another and can feel their vibration, then we also connect with them on a spiritual level. We drop the masquerade of two bodies and instead find the magic that occurs when our souls are allowed to dance together to their own unique rhythm.

Feeding your demons

Feeding your demons

Paradoxically, feeding our gods or demons to complete satisfaction does not strengthen them; rather it allows the energy that has been locked up in them to become accessible. In this way highly charged emotions that have been bottled up by inner conflict are released and become something beneficial. When we try to fight against or repress the disowned parts of ourselves that 1 call demons, they actually gain power and develop resistance. In feeding our demons we are not only rendering them harmless; we are also, by addressing them instead of running away from them, nurturing the shadow parts of ourselves, so that the energy caught in the struggle transforms into a positive protective force.

5 võimalust kuidas ülitundlik inimene võib suhteid saboteerida ja kuidas see lõpetada


Tundlik inimene võib tajuda partneri arvatavaid vajadusi nii sügavalt, et nad annavad teisele palju, kuid kahjustavad seeläbi ennast. Nad võivad otsustada ületada oma piiri. Kuid partner pole seda kunagi palunud. Tundlik inimene võib keskenduda teise heaolule, nii et nad jätavad end hooletusse. Nende sügav mure teiste pärast võib kallilt maksta nende eneste emotsionaalse heaolu. Kui tundlik inimene keskendub liialt partneri vajadustele, võib ta hooletusse jätta selle, mis teeb temast selle, kes ta on.

Osho inspireerivad mõtted armastusest


Tantrat on alati vääriti mõistetud. Tegelikkuses on tantra palve vorm, millel pole seksiga mingit pistmist. Isegi armatsemisel pole seksiga mingit pistmist. Kui sellest saab aga meditatsioon, palve – lihtsalt kokkusulamine ja kohtumine ja energiate segunemine palve kujul -, siis pole see enam lõbu või mäng, vaid pühendumine. See tehnika tegeleb armastusega, sest armastus on kõige lähedasem su kogemusele olla lõdvestunud. Kui sa ei suuda armastada, siis on sul võimatu lõdvestuda. Kui suudad lõdvestuda, võid ka armastada.

Armastus läheb otse inimeseni ja vaatab tema hinge. Armastus on siis teatud poolehoid, osadus teise inimese kõige sügavama olemusega.


The overall pointing is:
Just the ego must be transcended.
Some people say, kill it.
I say you cannot kill what does not exist.
You can only expose its unreality and there is no more to it.
To kill it, you need to become a killer,
and you do not need to kill anything.
Once it is seen that it is just a thought,
—really seen and experienced—
that illusion is dispelled.
It is finished.

~ Mooji


We are all asked of a lot in life, yet what life is most asking us to do is allow ourselves to enjoy it, to celebrate who we already are, to dare rise into who we can become, and to make choices allowing that to be a joyous process.

Bronnie Ware