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“Depression is your body saying, ‘F*ck you, I don’t want to be this character anymore. I don’t want to hold up this avatar you’ve created in the world, it’s too much for me… Your body needs Deep Rest from the character you’ve been trying to play”.
– Jim Carrey

I really believe this deeper, non-dual, mythological and soul-level understanding of depression as a ‘call to deep rest’ can change the world, clear up much fear, shame and confusion, heal many hearts… and save many lives. ❤️


”Don’t ask them to give you their hand. Instead, offer them your hand. Don’t ask for their heart, offer them your heart. Offer them your ear, your love, your shoulder. Release your friends, your family, from the shame of their brokenness. Let them know that you love them through the brokenness, because of the brokenness, and God-willing, after the brokenness.

Free your loved ones of the energy they spend to hide their brokenness from you. Free them of the shame of coming to you as they are.

Let them spend that energy on surviving, on healing, on thriving. Let us love one another as we are, so that we may become all we are meant to be.” ~Omid Safi