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We put a lot of importance on trying to suppress or kill the mind,
but the spirit of Truth is not interested in killing the mind,
for it has no enemies and cannot be harmed.
It is ever perfect….

And when you love it, you will find no mind to kill.
There is no ego here.

We intend to kill something that does not exist in reality.
So rather than trying to get rid of the ego,
turn the attention towards God,
who is your innermost being,
and keep quiet.

~ Mooji, India 2016

I choose you


I choose to let you see deep down beneath my flesh and into the unknown, so you can view the beauty and the abyss while I stand naked before your eyes.

I choose to love you for all that you are, not for who I want you to be, and for as long as we are here.

And I choose to search for you harder and recognise you sooner in our next lifetime. That is not only a choice but also a promise.

I choose you. Infinitely.


When the man you love treats you like his second choice, he is no man for you. When the man you want keeps stringing you along for days on end, he is no man foryou. When the man, for whom you have carved out a place in your heart, acts as though he is doing you a favour by giving you the full force of his attention, he is no man for you.

The man for you will kiss the very ground you walk on. The man for you will worship the stars you sleep under at night. The man for you will sing your praises when you are worlds apart, and he will never forget that your relationship is worth the work of every fibre of his being. The man for you will want you, all of you, and he will never make the mistake of letting you go. The man for you will smile in wonderful delight when you say ‘yes.’ And will nod solemnly and respectfully when you say ‘no.’

The man for you will know that you are the best thing to enter his life, and, should the time come, the worst thing to leave. The man for you knows how lucky he is to have the good fortune to spend even a small moment of his life, with you.