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Halvimal juhul koheldakse olevikuhetke vaenlasena. Kui sa vihkad seda, mida teed, kurdad ümbritseva üle, kirud toimuvat või toimunut või pead sisedialoogi, arutledes, mida peab ja mida ei tohi, süüdistades ja etteheites, vaidled sa sellega, mis on, vaidled sellega, mis on alati juba olemas. Teed Elust vaenlase ning Elu teatab: „Tahad sõda – saad sõja.“ Nii koged vaenulikuna välist tegelikkust, mis peegeldab alati tagasi sinu sisemist seisundit.
Niipea kui märkad, et sinu suhe praeguse hetkega on väärtuslik, oled Kohal. Hetkel, mil väärtalitlust märkad, hakkab see lahustuma. On inimesi, kes seda nähes kõva häälega naerma hakkavad. Nägemisega kaasneb võime valida – valida Oleviku jaatamine, Oleviku oma sõbraks muutmine.
– Eckhart Tolle

Why non attachment is one of the keys to a happy life relationship


The major difference is that, in real life, you don’t have any clue about when your shared time with someone is going to come to an end.

The circumstances of life, the frailty of the human condition, the instability of emotions—all of these factors make relationships much less predictable than we usually believe. If you meditate deeply upon the impermanence of life, non-attachment will be the inevitable consequence.

When you start practicing non-attachment in your intimate relationships, you will have found one of the pathways that leads to unconditional love. Only a non-attached person can love unconditionally, that is, without expecting anything in return.

When you love with non-attachment, you are not concerned with the results of your loving, which emanates from you just like perfume from a flower. You can love out of a genuine overflow of energy from the heart, without any conditions or limitations. If attached love expresses itself by the words “I love you, because…”, detached love just says “I love you,” without any conditions. Going one step further, you will realize that pure, unconditional love, is best expressed by the words “I love.” As a great mystic once said: “Love is not a relationship, it is a state of being.”

The source of any form of love is inside you, and you don’t depend on anyone to be able to express it. This is one of the most liberating shifts that a person can experience.

Kui sul on tõesti sees armastuse tunne, siis ära koonerda, ütle see välja


Armastuse õppetunnis tuleb eelkõige iseendale selgeks teha, et kõigepealt tuleb õppida iseennast tingimusteta armastama. Mõtelge järgi, kas teie armastate ennast tingimusteta? Kui ei, siis mõtelge, mis on see, mis takistab teil end armastamast.

Kas te seate endale tingimusi selleks, et saaksite ennast armastada? Seda pole vaja, te olete sündimisest saadik täiuslik ja terviklik. Teil ei ole vaja väljastpoolt ennast enam otsida, oma terviklikku osa otsida!

Mis siis on tõeline armastus? See on selline, kus te kingite inimesele vabaduse valida, vabaduse teha seda, mida ta soovib, vabaduse olla see, kes ta soovib ja te armastate teda ka siis, kui tema teid ei armasta.

Armastuse põhitõeks on see, et ära otsi mitte kedagi, kes sind armastaks, vaid otsi iseenda seest, keda sina armastaks. Paljudel juhtudel me armastame neid, kes on juba hõivatud või neid, kes ei vasta meie armastusele. Inimlikul tasandil me ütleme: süda, kuss-kuss, jää vait, sa ei tohi armastada, sest ta ei armasta sind! Aga kui teie süda armastab, siis ärge lööge oma südame tšakrat lukku, vaid laske sel energial endast läbi voolata! Armastus ei ole midagi muud, kui armastusenergia tundmine. Las see voolab teist läbi.


Trust is the great key!
First look at what mistrust brings you,
then you have sense of what trust is.
Mistrust shuts you down, hides you away.
Trust opens you up to the fullness of life.

There was a time when ship builders
would carve a figure out of wood at the front of the boat.
I found it so beautiful—like this,
you also are right at the cutting edge of all existence.
And the fierce winds of the sea, the biting salt
and roaring waves are blasting and blowing past,
but this figure is just so still, so majestic and so unperturbed.
It invokes a feeling of trust.
Trust takes you where logic will fail,
trust will sail you over the seas.

It is instinct in us to trust,
But trust must come with wisdom also.
Like with love, they work together and reveal great things
—when you trust in the right thing.
When we are full of ego, our trust is very limited, very weak,
for we are trusting in the wrong thing.
But this we have to taste also,
so when you taste the right things you will know.

Trust reminds you, ‘Don’t panic.’
In life we have been trained and habituated
to acting prematurely because of the fear,
‘If I don’t act quickly, I will miss my chance.
I will miss my change for this job, or to be married,
or to have children,’ so we force ripen ourselves,
and miss the real juice, so to speak.

But wisdom says, ‘Just observe a little,
be very present with yourself.
Don’t encourage superstition or suspicion.
Just rest in your being and observe.
Don’t panic, don’t pull the parachute too quickly.’
Some are pulling the parachute open
when they are still on the ground!
Just hear that voice of wisdom that tells you
to simply to be present as the uninvolved witness,
and it will not go wrong.
Trust gives you the courage to express your heart’s truth.
Know that if you do what is right inside your heart,
it cannot turn out to be wrong for someone else.
They may go, ‘No, no, no,’ but it will turn out just fine.

Trust opens you up to the great things of life.
The greatest is to wake up.
Trust is there, faith is there, courage
—all these they come and make their home in you.

~ Mooji

Have you wondered what the most important quality in a relationship is?


Without the quality of “respect”, a relationship simply can’t thrive.

According to John Kim, respect means no one has power or authority over someone else. It means we don’t have to agree with someone to love them. Respect means giving someone space to have their own opinions and judgments.

It means to not judge, control, coerce. It means to let be and grow.