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You are always seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, always after happiness and peace.
Don’t you see that it is your very search for happiness that makes you feel miserable?

Try the other way: indifferent to pain and pleasure, neither asking, nor refusing, give all your attention to the level on which ‘I am’ is timelessly present.
Soon you will realize that peace and happiness are in your very nature and it is only seeking them through some particular channels, that disturbs. Avoid the disturbance, that is all.

To seek there is no need; you would not seek what you already have. You yourself are God, the Supreme Reality. To begin with, trust me, trust the Teacher. It enables you to make the first step—and then your trust is justified by your own experience. In every walk of life initial trust is essential; without it little can be done. Every undertaking is an act of faith. Even your daily bread you eat on trust! By remembering what I told you you will achieve everything.

I am telling you again: You are the all-pervading, all transcending reality. Behave accordingly: think, feel and act in harmony with the whole and the actual experience of what I say will dawn upon you in no time. No effort is needed. Have faith and act on it.

Please see that I want nothing from you. It is in your own interest that l speak, because above all you love yourself, you want yourself secure and happy. Don’t be ashamed of it, don’t deny it. It is natural and good to love oneself.
Only you should know what exactly do you love. It is not the body that you love, it is Life—perceiving, feeling, thinking, doing, loving, striving, creating. It is that Life you love, which is you, which is all. Realize it in its totality, beyond all divisions and limitations, and all your desires will merge in it, for the greater contains the smaller.

Therefore find yourself, for in finding that you find all.

~ Nisagardatta ~


Many people wonder: ‘How can people who go through
so much hardship believe in God or love God?
What has God done for them?
He has only given you hardship.’
I say: No, no, no.
Through hardship he gives me tolerance and wisdom.
Through poverty he gives patience, gratitude, insights and kindness.
Through sickness he gives acceptance, humility and appreciation.
Through uncertainties he compelled me to contemplate, inquire, trust
and meditate upon Being.
These are tremendous gifts—priceless virtues.
If God gave me only money, I would just go and spend it
and do stupid things.
But hardship, sickness and even rejection help me to seek Him
more determinedly and to find Him, and to value His unbroken presence
and unfading love.


Why non-attachment is one of the keys to a happy life & relationship


By practicing non-attachment, we become able to endure difficult moments with a certain sense of humor, knowing that—as a wise saying goes—this too shall pass. In the same way, we can enjoy the beautiful moments of life without being tainted by the fear that they will end—as they undoubtedly will.

Gunnar Aarma: Inimesel tuleb oma kõikvõimsust kasutada, et õnnelikuks saada


Inimene on kõikvõimas. Küsimus on selles, kuivõrd me oleme suutnud endale selgeks teha selle mehhanismi, mis seda maailma seesmiselt koos hoiab. See on kõige olulisem. Kui me tunnistame ennast viletsaks, nõrgaks, haigeks, kellestki või millestki sõltuvaks, siis me seda ka oleme. Me oleme see, keda me usume ennast olevat, kuid uskumisest üksi on vähe. Aga kui me tahame teada saada seda mehhanismi, siis me saame just nii palju teada, kui palju me oleme võimelised vastu võtma. Kui õpilane on valmis, siis õpetaja ootab teda.