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“To LOVE is to take a risk
not being Loved in return.
To HOPE is to risk pain.
To try is to risk failure,
but risk must be taken
because the greatest hazard
in LIFE is to risk nothing…”

~ Leo Buscaglia


Don’t know anything at all.
Meet everything in the moment as it arises.
Meet life like this and you are on the road to
true and pure existence,
everlasting joy and contentment.
Then your life is not a series of events,
but more a quality of being.
Start with being empty before you make your first step.
Then, when you make your first step,
see if you leave this beautiful emptiness or not.
When you are so grounded in and as the source,
it won’t matter if you make one, ten or a hundred steps
— in any direction, they will be steps made
in the silence of being.
The one who follows my advice
will find something truly worth discovering.
Discovering yourself as you truly are
is discovering life as it truly is.

~ Mooji, from the book ‘White Fire’


Can you imagine meeting with God and knowing there
is nothing you could say that would make him upset
with you? And when you know you cannot do anything
to change his love for you, then many suppressed
feelings leave you. Nothing to be offended, nothing
to judge, nothing to forgive nor to heal. Nothing
has ever been remembered of anything wrong you
think you ever did. I tell you that you
don’t have to imagine this, because it is true.
People worry and say,
‘Man, you really don’t know what kind of thoughts I
have.’ They are only terrible because you think they
are yours and that there is a ‘you’ who thinks them.

~ Mooji, from the book ‘White Fire’



Ei ole paremaid, halvemaid aegu.
On ainult hetk, milles viibime praegu.
Mis kord on alanud, lõppu sel pole.
Kestma jääb kaunis, kestma jääb kole.

Ei ole süngeid, ei naljakaid aegu.
Võrdsed on hetked, kõik nad on praegu.
Elul on tung kanda edasi elu,
jällegi Kronos et saaks mõne lelu.

Ei ole möödund või tulevaid aegu.
On ainult nüüd ja on ainult praegu.
Säilib, mis sattunud hetkede sattu.
Ainuski silmapilk teisest ei kattu.

Ei ole mõttetult elatud aegu.
Mõte ei pruugigi selguda praegu.
Vähemat, rohkemat olla ei võinuks.
Parajal määral saab elu meilt lõivuks.

Ei ole kaduvaid, kõduvaid aegu.
Alles jääb hetk, milles asume praegu.
Aeg, mis on tekkinud, enam ei haju,
kui seda jäävust ka meeled ei taju.

– Artur Alliksaar