“Dear Lover, I dont want you to give up. I know the men in your past have hurt you and that sometimes I am unable to meet you. But please don’t settle for less than your hearts most deep desire. I have seen so many women give up and settle for a mediocre relationship that doesn’t open them to God. I have also seen women try to bypass the often difficult practice of two-bodied devotion by trying to love themselves.
These women learn that by loving themselves just as they are and by loving their man even with all his human limits, then they can feel OK. They can feel warmly OK with their own humanness and their mans. They don’t need things to be perfect anymore. They are able to love and accept things as they are.
But I would be disappointed if you settled for this. Loving you and me as we are—loving your own shells and loving me even with all my imperfections—is a first step. Yet a greater gift is allowing your hearts deepest expression to illuminate my life so I can see more than I can by myself. And if you will choose me—or another man—who you trust to open your heart deeper than you can by loving your own human limits and shells, then your heart will flower far beyond simple OK-ness with the way things are.
The first step is to love yourself, me, and everyone with all of our imperfections. We are divine and OK just as we are. The next step is to open in the fuller illumination of two-bodied devotional trust. Then, we can see more and offer our love more profoundly than we could without each others loving reflection and heart- demand. Yet another step in loves flowering is to trust and open fully as the love that yearns to shine through the hearts of all beings.” – “Dear Lover” by D. Deida

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