Trust is the great key!
First look at what mistrust brings you,
then you have sense of what trust is.
Mistrust shuts you down, hides you away.
Trust opens you up to the fullness of life.

There was a time when ship builders
would carve a figure out of wood at the front of the boat.
I found it so beautiful—like this,
you also are right at the cutting edge of all existence.
And the fierce winds of the sea, the biting salt
and roaring waves are blasting and blowing past,
but this figure is just so still, so majestic and so unperturbed.
It invokes a feeling of trust.
Trust takes you where logic will fail,
trust will sail you over the seas.

It is instinct in us to trust,
But trust must come with wisdom also.
Like with love, they work together and reveal great things
—when you trust in the right thing.
When we are full of ego, our trust is very limited, very weak,
for we are trusting in the wrong thing.
But this we have to taste also,
so when you taste the right things you will know.

Trust reminds you, ‘Don’t panic.’
In life we have been trained and habituated
to acting prematurely because of the fear,
‘If I don’t act quickly, I will miss my chance.
I will miss my change for this job, or to be married,
or to have children,’ so we force ripen ourselves,
and miss the real juice, so to speak.

But wisdom says, ‘Just observe a little,
be very present with yourself.
Don’t encourage superstition or suspicion.
Just rest in your being and observe.
Don’t panic, don’t pull the parachute too quickly.’
Some are pulling the parachute open
when they are still on the ground!
Just hear that voice of wisdom that tells you
to simply to be present as the uninvolved witness,
and it will not go wrong.
Trust gives you the courage to express your heart’s truth.
Know that if you do what is right inside your heart,
it cannot turn out to be wrong for someone else.
They may go, ‘No, no, no,’ but it will turn out just fine.

Trust opens you up to the great things of life.
The greatest is to wake up.
Trust is there, faith is there, courage
—all these they come and make their home in you.

~ Mooji

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