– by Aletheia Luna

What if the emotions you don’t like — anger, sadness, loneliness, shame — don’t arise because they need to be “healed,” but because they need to be held?

Even wanting to “heal” your pain can be a form of resistance to it painted with a spiritual and well-meaning disguise but nevertheless still in opposition to how you’re feeling.

Even wanting to “fix,” “release,” and “let go” of your pain can be a form of resistance a way of saying “I want to get rid of this! I want to transcend this!”

But even the desire to transcend emotional suffering is a form of resistance that creates more suffering.

Your sadness doesn’t make you “unenlightened” or somehow less evolved.

Your loneliness isn’t here as a punishment or a sign that you’re far away from awakening.

Your fear isn’t a sign that you’re a “failure” or “going nowhere.”

All of these feelings simply want to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and felt. They want to be held in the vast space of your soul and given the space to come and go.

You aren’t responsible for these emotions — it’s not “your fault” that you feel them. They are simply feelings that have arisen within you, but they don’t need to be “yours.”

You don’t have to play the role of “the depressed one” or “the lonely one.”

Once you release your grip you’ll see that you can honor these feelings just as temporary waves of energy that only mean something if *you* give them meaning.

Ahhh, isn’t that nice to know?

* * *

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