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Why I was polyamorous for 5 years, and why I’m not now


The main one was the sheer difficulty of being in more than one relationship, and the levels of honesty, with self and other, and communication that that demands. I was put to the test a number of times, sometimes failing and sometimes succeeding, always learning: in terms of how to properly communicate, how to express and ask for boundaries, and to move through ego wants into deeper truths, and how to be honest about those truths with myself and with lovers.

“Life is relationship. We are constantly relating to one thing or another. However, within this infinite sphere, the loving relationships are undoubtedly the most powerful catalyst or activator of the truth. If life is a school, relationships are our university. Through relationships we have a chance to mature and activate the human values that facilitate our evolution. This process happens because the other, regardless of whoever they may be, is always acting as a mirror that reflects the parts of ourselves that we need to see. Sometimes, the other reflects aspects of the higher truth and the Being that dwells within us, and other times they reflect aspects of the transitory truths that also inhabit us.” ~ Sri Prem Baba, from the book Love and Be Free