2017 is The Year of Kali, Goddess of Endings & Beginnings

2017 is The Year of Kali, Goddess of Endings & Beginnings

I have been forced to see that many things that I believed to be true in my life were quite simply illusions. However, I wouldn’t ask for it any other way and I am grateful to Kali for showing up as soon as I called her and for loyally remaining at my side as once-important parts of my life disintegrated before my eyes.

Kali, whose name means time, quite forcefully pushes us out of our comfort zone by creating storms and lighting fires to cleanse the old and make way for the new. The turbulence can be unnerving at times, however, ultimately it causes dramatic shifts in our lives that empower us to reach our full potential.

She comes along and shakes us vigorously so that we have no choice but to accept that there are aspects of our existence falling apart at the seams and that we have tried to cling to for far too long. Kali brings with her a—sometimes painful—awakening to our true selves and illuminates everything false around us. This allows us to come to the realization that many things in our lives have been illusions and that we have the ability to sever ties with anything or anyone that is inauthentic.

We can call upon the energies of Kali at any time throughout 2017 and allow her to support us as we transition into this new cycle and year and find freedom and fulfillment as we release everything from the past.

It is important to remember that when we are asking for this goddess’ assistance that we try not to tell her what it is we need. We must have faith in Kali’s divine intervention if we are to get the results that serve our highest good. Even though at first we may not fully understand why certain things are beginning or ending, Kali is wise, compassionate, intuitive, loving and fair and she holds our best interests at the center of her heart.


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