“The Awakened Woman”

You didn’t come here to be a part of the crowd
You didn’t come here to live Your life to satisfy the expectations of others
You didn’t come here to obey the rules the society has set for us
You know that if You do not love Yourself, You can’t expect others to love You and You can’t love others
You do not need a relationship to make You whole
You do not need children to give meaning to Your life
You are never afraid to be alone
You know that in order to receive things from outside, we must first find them inside
You do not settle or make compromises
You know You deserve only the best
You know that Your life is Your own creation
You choose Yourself, knowing that by doing that, we choose also others
You know that every time You choose forgiveness, You choose love over fear
You know that crying is a sign of strength
You know that hatred and revenge is a sign of weakness
You know that happiness can only come from inside and is never dependent on outside things or circumstances
You know that no-one else is responsible for Your happiness
You take full responsibility for Your own emotions
You do not need anyone to save You
You know this life is not about destination but about the journey
You know that part of Your journey is to love men so, that they can become the greatest versions of themselves
You know that You are carrying love and sexuality into this world
You know that sexuality is not a the means for manipulation and control
You know that Your sisters are the greatest gifts in Your life
You know that through You, life can be created upon this earth
You know that Your biggest gift is the power of Your heart
You know that what ever You put out into the world, will find it’s way back to You
You know that You are always a masterpiece and work in progress
You know You came here to share Love & Light
You know that You always have a choice in this life, in every moment
-Jaya Shivani

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