When you are lying, when you are keeping a secret, when you are with holding information or feelings in any moment, you are always doing that to protect something meaningless. You are usually protecting a memory to preserve a constant state of being. You can’t see that what you are protecting is meaningless because of the illusion of the self you are protecting is blocking your view. When, through telling the truth, you destroy that illusion, you can then see that it was meaningless.
Meaninglessness is of a great value. When you finally get that who you actually are is empty and meaningless, it does not matter to you whether you are a jerk or not. There is where your power lives. You might have an image of yourself as a “good” person. You may lie to keep from “hurting someone else’s feelings”. The someone else you are thinking of is even more ephemeral then the self image you are protecting. The people you protect by lying are just as imaginary as the self image you maintain when you lie to protect yourself. This is the imaginary world of adolescence. The odds are against growing beyond adolescence in our adolescent society. The odds favour most of us, most of the time, remaining polite impotent fools who think we are special, but somehow don’t get what we deserve. Most people feel like life hasn’t lived up to its billing, has’t turned out right, hasn’t rewarded us appropriately. After a while, we give up thinking we are so hot and start dreaming about what we could have been. This is the way life usually goes for most of us. We have all been waiting for a long time to grow beyond these positive and negative self images, and afraid do do so. Most of us never make it beyond adolescent hope and hype and disappointment. Wishing is a way to remove oneself from what is going on now. Hope springs eternal. Fuck hope. Hope is how most of us avoid growing up. The power of positive thinking is the biggest load of bullshit of our day. Positive thinking is for negative people. With positive thinking and affirmations, we start from an image of ourselves as flawed, and try to use thinking as a strategy to make ourselves whole. Thinking is not the source of power. Being is the source of power. And in being, we are already whole…. The mind grows out of being … when the mind is not imprisoning being. it’s a marvellous thing. Its activities are fun. Fantasies are fun, predicting and controlling are fun, getting praise is fun, getting food is fun, organising to produce results is fun, creating is fun. What justifies all of that work it took to develop a mind is that it turns out to be a great toy. I recommend having fun – Although I don’t recommend making another set of morals out of the philosophy of fun. It is okay not to get the most out of life. It is fine to let life happen and not get all the cookies. Getting the most out of life is too much work anyway. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. Let up on everything, including this. – RADICAL HONESTY – Brad Blanton –

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