Until You Die


If you go to the temple and your prayer becomes a desire, it will never be heard. Because a prayer is possible only when desire is not there. A desire can never become a prayer. If you ask for something, you will miss. You are not praying. And God knows whatsoever your need is.

`I don’t desire anything’?

Be silent. Only silence is prayer.

So all the prayers that you have been doing are false. All the prayers that have been taught to you are not prayers at all — dead rituals. There is only one prayer, and that is to be silent. That is to be so silent that not a single word floats in the lake of your consciousness. No ripple. The lake is completely silent. It becomes a mirror. It mirrors existence. It mirrors God. In that moment of silence everything is achieved.

Osho,  Discourses on the Sufi Way


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