Osho on Bhagavad Gita


But the message is immensely significant. The message is that you don’t decide, you don’t stand in the way, you disappear. If God decides that you renounce and go to the Himalayas, then you go, but let it be God’s decision, not your own. Or if he wants you to fight, then it is perfectly okay. You are not responsible when you don’t decide.

This is the life of a sannyasin. The life of a sannyasin is the life of one who has dropped deciding, who has relaxed, and who says, “Let God do. I will function as an instrument. I will be a hollow bamboo. If he wants to sing a song, he will make a flute of me; if he does not, I will remain a hallow bamboo. But I will be a hollow bamboo.”

You cannot sing any song on your own. All songs are his. And whenever you dance it is he that dances, and whenever you celebrate it is he that celebrates. Your life is not really yours, it is his life. All life is his.

So please, don’t push the river. Relax in the river. The river is already going to the ultimate goal. It will take you with it.

Sufis: The People on the Path. Vol1, Ch 12


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