When I want for you what you want for you, I create the possibility of deep ease through free-flowing, honest communication. I know that when I support you in what you want, I will have what I want, a deeply fulfilling relationship. When I give up my resistance, relinquish my need to control, and relax into my love of you, life becomes so sweet and at the same time, filled with deep ease.

Allow your hear to be open to way of thinking, being and doing. It will create miracles in your life. I know that every step you take in life will help you learn what you need to be or become to fulfill your life purpuse. I know that in the long run the experiences that you are experiencing is exactly what has to happend. Just as enormous pressure creates a diamond, I know the struggles you go through will perfect the beauty that is you.

– Meditation on Love with Janet Bray Attwood

When I want for…


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